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Wacker Neuson DW50 Material Carrier

Brand: Wacker Neuson

The DW50 dumper combines a compact design with powerful engine and hyrostatic all-wheel drive making it capable of hauling more in less time, reducing cycle times and increasing efficiency. This 5-ton class dumper offers a payload of 11,023 lbs. and driving speed up to 17.4 mph, plus its ability to travel across rough terrain makes it extremely versatile for moving all types of material on any job site. The unique compact design along with the powerful 74.2 hp engine allows the DW50 to access confined areas but provide the power needed to move heavier loads.

  • Tier 4 Final turbo charged diesel engine with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) after treatment requires no diesel particulate filter, no regeneration and no maintenance
  • Efficient hydrostatic all-wheel drive with ECO mode for reduced fuel consumption
  • Swivel bucket allows material to be unloaded on either side of the unit for added versatility
  • Comfortable operator's station is easily accessible for added convenience. Intuitive operation using the joystick handle allows for single handed control of bucket operation, drive direction, travel speed and horn
  • Easy maintenance access and large servicing area with one-piece flip engine hood
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive

    • Total focus on the job, no busy shifting of gears
    • One central hydraulic engine drives both axles via a cardan shaft
    • Hydrostatic braking effect as soon as the foot is taken off the accelerator pedal
    • Low-wear drive for reduced service and maintenance costs
    • Controlled delay for regulated switching, thus no abrupt change of drive
    • Accelerate from 0 to maximum speed of 28km/h without traction loss
    Hydrostatischer Allradantrieb

    Articulated pendulum joint

    • Supreme off-road capability even under full load
    • Optimum ground contact and excellent traction in rough terrain
    Joystick und Bedienelemente

    Joystick control

    • All controls such as switches and joysticks are       placed on the right side so the operator's left hand    can always remain on the steering wheel.
    • Multiple functions - one handle: the joystick        controls skip operation, gear shift, change of     direction and the ECO mode.

    Maximum safety combined with premium comfort

    • Road homologation lighting.
    • Back-up alarm: an acoustic alarm signals when the drive is in reverse gear.
    • Optional: A camera and display minimize the blind spot in front of the vehicle, thus ensuring even more safety.
    • Optional: A rotating beacon enhances the vehicle‘s visibility.
    • Seat contact switch: If the driver leaves the driver's seat, the engine reduces speed to full stop.

    Swivel tip skip

    The 180° seamless tip-out capability allows the swivel tip skip to deliver materials right             on the spot – ideal in narrow spaces.
    • When transporting liquids on slopes, the skip can be leveled accordingly
    • Swivels 90° to the left and 90° to the right
    • Enables lateral filling and discharging.

    Technical specifications

    with swivel tip skip

    Operating data 

    Payload  11,023 lb
    Shipping weight ROPS 7,595 lb
    Skip capacity - Leveled 2.58 yd³
    Skip capacity - Heaped 3.47 yd³
    Skip capacity - Water 1.67 yd³

    Engine / Motor 

    Engine / Motor manufacturer  Deutz
    Engine / Motor type  TCD 2.9
    Engine performance - ISO 3046/1 74.2 hp
    Displacement  178.4 in³
    Engine RPM  2300 rpm
    Travel speed  17.4 mph
    Articulation angle  37 °
    Pendulum angle  15 °
    Turning radius  167.3 in
    Gradeability  50 %
    Tires  12.5-18, 12PR
    L x W x H  177 x 75.4 x 110.8 in
    Steering pump  Axial piston pump
    Flow rate  34.9 US gpm
    Operating pressure  6,527 psi
    Duty pump  Gear pump
    Flow rate  12 US gpm
    Operating pressure  3,191 psi
    Fuel tank capacity  13.2 US gal
    Hydraulic oil tank  10.6 US gal
    Sound level (LwA)  101 dB(A)


      Overall Length 177 in
      Wheelbase 84.3 in
      Rear overhang 48.4 in
      Dumping distance 24.8 in
      Width 75.4 in
      Skip width 75.2 in
      Height ROPS 110.8 in
      Height ROPS down 79.9 in
      Dump height max. 45.7 in
      Skip height tilted skip 142.5 in
      Skip height flat skip 70.5 in
    Dumping distance
    10.2 in
      Ground clearance   14.6 in
      Dump angle 48 °


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