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Kage Innovation SnowStorm Series Plows

Brand: Kage

The Blade is the backbone of the SnowStorm System. With that in mind, we build each moldboard as if it has to go into battle. The Tri-Formed Box that encloses the back of the moldboard eliminates torque and strain that can otherwise fatigue the entire structure. The SS Blade has a trip edge standard which safeguards from damage when encountering hidden obstacles. The Two Section Trip Edge is 9” tall to clear common curbs, and trips back a full 90 degrees from it’s operating position so that the contact is less abrupt. The trip edge action is powered by 8 separate compression spring packs. The springs keep the edge from false tripping while pushing, meaning you can scrape and push without tripping unnecessarily. The Hydraulic System for the Blade powers the plow left and right, and if you are using it in combination with the SnowKage it locks the box onto the plow hydraulically. The SnowKage box is the genius behind the SnowStorm System. So simple yet so intuitive. It stands alone when not in use, but mates perfectly to the Blade when needed in order to push huge amounts of snow out of the way. The baked on powder coat and primer at 400+ degrees safeguards all of the steel components, and keeps The Blade looking great for years.

Available Configurations

  • 10ft, 12ft, 14ft

Available Mounts

  • Wheel Loader
  • Tractor with Loader mount
  • Tractor with Subframe Mount

Available Accessories

  • Curb Guards

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